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Synchrode RF

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Noticeable results after just 1 treatment

RF Reducing fat -30%

Synchrode RF technology can release RF at the same time as the EMS high-frequency contraction signal, which heats the fat layer to 45 degrees, directly destroys the fat cell tissue, and makes it die naturally, while maintaining a comfortable temperature during the treatment. The destroyed fat cells will be excreted through the body, reducing the thickness of the fat layer and shaping the Fit & Firm line.


EMS (Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation) Build muscle - 25%

With the new EMS high-frequency contraction design, it penetrates into the muscle tissue and directly triggers motor neurons, which can cause the muscles to produce higher-frequency contractions within 30 minutes, and the effect of increasing muscle can be seen quickly. Beyond general exercise, 4 sessions are equivalent to 16 weeks of training. Together with Synchrode RF, it releases heat, improves blood circulation in the body, and stimulates muscle growth.

Laser Lipo

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30 mins evaporate fat cells 

loose up to 5 inches in just 2 weeks

no pain, no down time, and no scaring 

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Q-Switch laser systems can now remove all types of tattoo with little or no scarring. Professional and amateur tattoos, as well as traumatic tattoos, resulting from accidents, are treated successfully. Multiple treatments will be required.

Carbon Laser Facial 

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tightens dilated pores

  • Reduces acne, scars and post acne discoloration

  • Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer

  • Stimulates collagen growth

  • Improves skin texture

  • Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads

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Clinically Proven 

Independent clinical studies have shown Laser Lipo to be, in some cases, comparable to results achieved by liposuction.  Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in fat layer depth after just one treatment. 

Immediate Results 

Results can be seen immediately after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released!

2-4 cm loss in abdomen circumference can be achieved with each treatment! 

Safe & Painless

Laser Lipo uses low levels of visible red laser light to create a safe and painless bio-stimulation effect in the targeted area. Safe for all skin types and body areas.